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Medicare Cost-Sharing Amounts Now Available

The 2013 Medicare premiums, deductible and coinsurance figures are now listed on the Medicare site, Here is a summary:


Part A

  • Premium: Most people do not pay a premium for Part A because they or their spouse paid Medicare taxes while they were working.
  • Deductibles:  
Each benefit period
    • $1,184 
Inpatient hospital stay
    • $296 a day for days 61-90 for each benefit period
    • $592 a day for each “lifetime reserve day” after day 90   
Skilled nursing facility stay
    • $148 a day for days 21-100 for each benefit period.
Part B
  • Premium: $104.90 is the standard premium. Higher-income subscribers may pay more.
  • Deductible: $147 a year.

Medicare & You 2013 is also available on the Medicare website. Please encourage retirees covered by Medicare and employees who care for older relatives to read this book. It will help them avoid costly mistakes.

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