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In early April 2003, the former Employee Insurance Program (EIP), which was then a division of the S.C. Budget and Control Board, mailed a Notice of Privacy Practices directly to all enrollees covered under the state insurance program. This notice was sent in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. The former EIP is now a part of the South Carolina Public Employee Benefit Authority and is referred to as "PEBA Insurance Benefits."

HIPAA ensures security and privacy of health information by setting standards for access and distribution of that information. The notice, in brochure form, outlines the various situations in which PEBA Insurance Benefits uses and discloses health information. It also outlines the subscriber’s rights with regard to the information and disclosure.

Below are links to a copy of this notice and the forms referenced in the notice. After reviewing these documents, if you have any questions, please contact PEBA Insurance Benefits' Privacy Officer at 803-734-0678 (Greater Columbia area) or 888-260-9430 (toll-free outside Columbia area).