Insurance Benefits
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Here's to Your Health!

The Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA), a South Carolina state government agency, is dedicated to providing you, as a public employee or retiree, with the best possible insurance at the lowest possible cost to you and to your employer.

We've maintained that commitment, too, even in the face of health care costs that continue to soar. As a result, we continue to offer public employees, their families, and retirees coverage that is competitive with that of other states and the private sector.

On this site, you'll find the forms and information you need to use your insurance benefits. But you will also find ideas about how to care for yourself and your family in ways that will help you lead healthier and, we hope, happier lives. The siteFree In '15 also includes:

  • The latest news about your insurance benefits
  • How to contact the companies that partner with PEBA to process your claims and provide other services
  • Practical ways to reduce your health care costs.

Visit PEBA's website,, to learn more, including the composition of the PEBA Board and biographies of Board members.

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